Case Study

Sweepstakes & Giveaways

The Challenge

List growth and customer retention are both ongoing efforts for e-commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. While sweepstakes and giveaways aren’t a new phenomenon, they’ve proven to be one of the most effective tools year after year for both expanding audiences and engaging with existing customers.

The Concept

2021 was an incredibly strong year here at Musictoday for sweepstakes. We launched giveaways for more of our clients than ever and saw extraordinary list growth and opt-in rates.

With years of managing sweepstakes and giveaways under our belts we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a successful promotion. Some of the key principles we applied to our 2021 (& 2022!) giveaways that made all the difference were:

Creative and thouhtful prizes. The specifics can vary widely depending on the business hosting the sweepstakes and who their target audience is but in general, prizes that are exclusive, unique, or experiential tend to be the most exciting to fans.

Streamlined entry process. Having a short, simple entry form that uses clear language on exactly what the prize is will encourage as many entries as possible. 

Post-entry gamification. Once a fan enters the sweepstakes, offering a variety of options for them to earn bonus entries is a fun way to keep engagement levels high and the options can also be tailored to your business needs. Some examples of really beneficial bonus entry options are referring friends to enter,  subscribing on YouTube,  signing up for texts, etc.


See the remarkable results below.

2021 Results

Sweepstakes Launched
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Total Entrants
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Email/SMS Opt-ins
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Average Opt-in Rate