Case Study


Keyword Bidding Automation

The Challenge

With the number of Google Ad campaigns we manage continuing to grow, in 2019 we were faced with the challenge of increasing the efficiency of our CPC bidding process for increasingly large keyword lists.

Google Screen

The Concept

Although Google offers built-in automated bidding methods, these solutions take control out of the advertiser’s hands at the keyword level. So we created “Garybot,” a Javascript suite that automates CPC bidding daily. The script is fondly named after the Musictoday employee who developed the bidding strategy that Garybot uses to optimize performance.

The script mimics bidding changes that were previously implemented manually, thus allowing us to not only bid on more keywords per day, but also allowing each keyword to be touched more frequently than possible with human methods. As an added bonus, this freed up a significant number of hours for two employees to delegate toward other revenue-generating projects.


The Results

0 k+
keywords elevated daily
0 %
YOY sales increase
0 +
employee hrs saved annually
0 %
YOY increase ad spend return