Case Study

Bob Dylan

Bootleg Volume 12 Boxset

The Challenge

Bob Dylan is one of the most influential songwriters of all time and his millions of fans–and even more millions of albums sold–reflect this. Because of his illustrious career, there were hours of unreleased music that his fans wanted to get their hands on. Musictoday worked with Sony to come up with a solution to connect his fans with these unheard tunes.

The Concept

Working with the songwriter and his team, Musictoday helped create and package four different physical bundles, making these unreleased songs accessible to all fans at various price points. The four different physical bundles included a limited edition ‘Uber’ 18-disc / 9 45-RPMs priced at $599.99, a 6-CD set for $149.98, a 3-LP set for $99.98, and a 2-CD set at $19.98.

Bob Dylan - Bootleg Vol. 12 Uber Set

There’s still a real, viable physical market for the right kind of releases that appeal to certain fan bases. There’s an appetite for exciting presentations of music. That presentation is almost always physical.

– Billboard 2016

The Results

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