Site Management & Merchandising

Site Management & Merchandising

Our team of dedicated E-Commerce managers help with the day-to-day operations of your web store. As your main point of contact, they collaborate with team members across the organization to help achieve your revenue goals. As your voice, resource and facilitator, E-Commerce managers help plan promotional calendars, ensure site content is up-to-date, optimize your product assortment and keep projects on track.


What We Do

Dedicated Account Manager

Your hands-on Account Manager and team will handle all of your E-Commerce needs, including complete project management across all of Musictoday’s business units.

Daily Store Maintenance

Our team leverages goal-directed design, data-driven design, and web analytics to keep your store operating at its best and lead customers to your storefront to generate revenue.

Promotional Planning & Execution

We collaborate with you and our marketing team on promotional strategy and execution including pre-order, seasonal and anniversary campaigns.

Product Assortment Planning

Savvy to the latest market trends and insights, our team will provide advice and optimization tips on your product assortment. Additionally, we work closely with vendors and licensees to develop new exclusive products and offers.

Bulk Shipments

We facilitate bulk shipments of products for tours or other large-scale fulfillment projects. With over 300,000 square feet available in our warehouse, the sky is the limit to our fulfillment capabilities.

Project Management
Your dedicated Account Manager will handle projects across all of Musictoday’s business units including creative services, marketing, customer service, fulfillment and finance.