Platform & UX

Platform & UX

Our brilliant and seasoned team of developers create custom E-Commerce solutions driven by customer experience. Our development roadmap is continuously evolving and functionality is seamlessly added to aid merchandising, marketing, checkout and fulfillment. Due to our music ticketing technology, our E-Commerce platform can scale to suit the biggest brand names and is designed and proven to handle heavy traffic.

We design for mobile first, since the majority of E-Commerce traffic and transactions are now on mobile devices. Our platform is not adaptive, but mobile responsive, so it accommodates Apple as well as Android, tablets as well as smart phones, and any new device as it emerges. Our digital asset partner has exclusive patented technology allowing streaming on any mobile device including Apple, which is uncommon.


What We Do

Mobile Ready

Our Content Management System is built with a mobile-first User Experience mentality.

Powered by Data

Our team leverages goal-directed design, data-driven design, and web analytics.

Usability Testing & Research

We test to determine how real users engage with our websites, and we apply generative research for defining issues and evaluating our designs.


We leverage user-centered design principles, design thinking, and UX methodologies to deliver the most user-friendly E-commerce online experience.

Informed & Knowledgable
Our team is well-versed in usability, accessibility and industry standards. We employ a variety of tactics to gain user insights such as customer interviews, customer surveys, customer journey mapping, and persona creation.

Our Partners