Buying & Planning

Buying & Planning

Introducing new products to your assortment, managing current inventory levels and supporting promotional offers and closeouts is imperative to store revenue growth and health. We have developed partnerships with vendors and suppliers in multiple industries across the globe and manage those to optimize profitability and timely delivery of products to Musictoday and our customers.

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What We Do

Merchandise Buying

In addition to full-spectrum merchandise and media product review and assortment selection, we collaborate with large and small scale manufacturers to bring unique, one-of-a-kind product ideas to life. Whether you want a small product offering or an extensive catalog, we'll make it happen.

Global Partnerships & Inventory Management

We collaborate with private and public product suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, and we review inventory to ensure optimum stock levels and margins, as well as aging inventory markdowns and closeouts.

Order Management

Our team leverages external and internal partnerships to ensure timely and accurate delivery of our products to our distribution center for fulfillment on to our customers.


Regular reporting ensures accurate inventory and sales data sharing with internal and third-party reporting agencies, such as SoundScan.