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Musictoday proudly welcomes moe. with the launching of their official store.


Beginning in Buffalo, New York the group named moe. first began
playing together back in 1990 after the original band members met in the University at Buffalo. During their shared time studying and partying, members Al Schnier, Chuck Garvey, and Rob Derhak developed a large local following. This raised support allowed them to produce their first record, FATBOY, in 1992 after a few years of only releasing cassette tapes. With their success in northern New York growing, the band was able to add rhythmatist Jim Loughlin, who experimented with several different rhythmic instruments during the infancy of the band. Throughout the years, however, Loughlin had learned to master all of these instruments and currently travels with most of them. Drummagazine, a instrument focused magazine based in Ontario, Canada stated; “Today, Loughlin’s live rig includes a malletKAT, vibraphone, xylophone, congas, bongos, timbales, a gong drum, and a handful of auxiliary percussion instruments.” Fans can witness this incredible display by catching moe. on one of their 2024 tour dates.

The band had its first hit in 1998 with their release of Tin Cans & Car Tires but it was moe.’s 2007 record, CONCH, that earned them the #1 spot on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” chart. From then on, the band continued to develop a deep fanbase, known as moe.-rons, that progressively grew from the northeast to across the country. This support encouraged moe. to do a successful tour in 2023 while also scheduling another tour for 2024. The members also created a podcast in 2022, named moe.’s Podcrash, in which they discussed their 2023 tour, pandemic memories, and many more of the band’s stories.

Besides releasing music, the moe. band members also joined with the American Cancer Society in 2023 as part of the “Rock the Pink” campaign. This ACS campaign included several famous musicians incorporating the color pink in their merchandise and donating a portion of the profits towards cancer research. Some of the other artists involved include Umphrey’s McGee, Doom Flamingo, and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. However, moe. offered something particularly special for their listeners. For starters, every donation that was made to the ACS from the moe. fundraiser entered the donor in for a chance at free tickets to a show. Moreover, the band offered much more unique experiences for higher donations, even including joining the moe. band for a day or getting a personalized video from bass guitarist Rob Derhak. More information about this campaign can be found here.

Check out moe.’s official store today to discover one-of-a-kind music, warm & stylish apparel, exciting posters, and more!

About the Author: Benjamin Crissey is a Marketing Associate at Musictoday. He facilitates email and SMS campaigns, assists in blog content, and oversees the Musictoday affiliate process.

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