SMS Marketing Journeys

The Mission:

Maximize profits through the use of automated text message journeys


"53% higher revenue for businesses with 5 or more journeys in place"

SMS journeys are sets of automated messages that are triggered by a customer’s activity. These customer actions can include signing up for newsletters, making a purchase, or responding to a call to action in order to further segment a base set of customers.

When drafting these journeys you also have the ability to add dividing sections throughout the customer’s purchasing process. These branches allow for the  journey to process the customer through if the intended action has not been completed and allow the opportunity for retargeted messages to deliver automatically. These branches also offered endless opportunities to segment customer lists.

Segmentation of customer lists is a great way to deliver promotions directly to interested individuals. Simply by sending out a call and response message that provides options of segmented sets of your company’s good or service, one can direct customers into a specified SMS journey with targeted promotions. This action alone can increase your company’s SMS profit margin just by limiting the delivery expense.

Segments can include Birthday Months, VIP Lists, or Product Specific Subgroups

The further advantage to having these journeys in place is the simplicity, as the day to day care required for these sets of automated triggers is extremely limited. Once properly set up, the journeys are activated by a specified activity, or inactivity, of the customer and any following retargeted messages will be sent until the journey is completed or the customer opts out.

At Musictoday we’ve had tremendous success with the SMS Welcome journey. However we are continuously looking to further develop segmented journeys to keep the attention of our customers and create a more personal buying experience. For instance, we’ve added additional messages to the Abandoned Cart journey. Did you know that 77% of online shoppers make purchases several times a month yet 74% of these customers regularly have abandoned carts? This availability creates a perfect spot for these automated messages to remind customers of their cart inaction and bring them back to your storefront.

In Q3 of 2023 alone “Welcome” Journeys Resulted In:

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Engagement Rate

In 2022 automated journeys were responsible for 22.47% of total SMS revenue at Musictoday


Although promoting through SMS is only one of the many ways in which we at Musictoday conduct our marketing, it is a strong one. This form of promotion allows for even more productivity when these automatic and efficient journeys have been established and develops opportunities to become more personal and more aware of your customer’s preferences. 

About the Author: Benjamin Crissey is a Marketing Associate at Musictoday. He facilitates email and SMS campaigns, assists in blog content, and oversees the Musictoday affiliate process.

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