Musictoday Goes Global!

For years, Musictoday has served international clients. As it stands today, our warehouse has the capability to ship products to over 80 different countries. Since many big named artists often take their incredible performances to music lovers all over the world, the staff at Musictoday continuously stays ready for the next International Rock Star to come forward…and come forward they did. For the past year Musictoday has had the fortune of doing business with the K-pop band known as ATEEZ. This eight-member boy band began in 2018 and almost immediately rose to international fame. In 2019, ATEEZ won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Korean Act, beating out the female K-pop group ITZY. ITZY, who have won themselves three Gold Disc Awards, are also a recent addition to the Musictoday team.

ATEEZ standing on the red carpet at 2019's MNet Asian Music Awards.
ATEEZ standing on the red carpet at 2019's MNet Asian Music Awards.

However, aside from Korean Popular music, Musictoday’s most recent venture was into the world of regional Latin music . The rise of this set of unique genres was heavily assisted by the trendsetting artist Bad Bunny, whose style of reggaetón led him to become the highest grossing touring artist in the world in 2022. His success has paved the way for other styles of Latin regional music to increase in popularity. This includes the Mexican singer, songwriter, and rapper ‘Peso Pluma’ who has had wide success in North America and is the most recent global addition to the Musictoday team. The 23-year-old artist combines many different styles into his music, including urban music and different approaches to trap. Peso Pluma’s talents have even earned him a Latin Grammy nomination and his United States television debut on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon performing the #1 Latin song in the United States, “Ella Baila Sola”. Currently he is the most streamed artist in Mexico and all of us here at Musictoday cannot wait to do our part in introducing the incredible talent of Peso Pluma to our customers worldwide.

Current Spotify "Plays" for 'Ella Baila Sola'

About the Author: Benjamin Crissey is a Marketing Associate at Musictoday. He facilitates email and SMS campaigns, assists in blog content, and oversees the Musictoday affiliate process.

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