Paul McCartney Official Store Launches on Musictoday Platform

Musictoday now proudly powers Paul McCartney’s Official Store. McCartney is a prolific singer-songwriter and a cherised pioneer of popular music. McCartney first found worldwide acclaim as co-frontman in The Beatles, but his musical influence has succeeded the Beatles by decades.

After leaving the Beatles in 1970, McCartney released his first solo album and then formed Wings, one of the most popular bands of the 1970s. Wings disbanded in 1980, and McCartney resumed his illustrious solo career. McCartney is among the most popular solo musicians of all time, both with respect to concert attendance and record sales. 

In the Paul McCartney Official Store, fans can shop a wide variety of apparel and accessories, like the Got Back Tour Collection, or the Confetti Litho 3D Print.

Explore The Paul McCartney Official Store.


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