Musictoday Launches the AJR Official Store

Musictoday is honored to now power the official store for indie pop trio AJR. The group is named after the first initials of its members, the Met brothers: Adam, Jack, and Ryan. Born and raised in New York City, the multi-instrumentalist brothers started writing, mixing, and producing original music in the living room of their Chelsea apartment in 2005. AJR slowly built their fan base during the latter half of the aughts, rising to fame after their debut single “I’m Ready” became a hit in 2013.

AJR has earned their place in pop over the years, with four studio albums yielding numerous chart topping hits and several award nominations. AJR is known for pushing the boundaries of pop music with an innovative, multi-genre take on pop conventions.

In their official online store, AJR fans can find gorgeous novelty items like the OK Orchestra Woven Blanket, exclusive releases like the autographed “One Spectacular Book,” as well as a growing selection of apparel and accessories.


About the Author: Sadie Modica is a Marketing Coordinator at Musictoday. She primarily focuses on building & scheduling email campaigns, managing product reviews, and contributing to the Musictoday Blog, but assists broadly across channels where needed.

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