2021 Holiday Checklist

The holidays are upon us once again and for many businesses, seasonal promotions are already in full swing. Unprecedented supply chain challenges that have been building up for over a year are forecasted to impact many facets of holiday shopping during what is already the most hectic and and demanding time of year for retailers. Thankfully, Musictoday has been preparing for these challenges well in advance to ensure our clients have the smoothest holiday season possible. Our marketing team has rounded up some of the most important items on our last minute checklist for making sure our stores are set up for success now and in the coming weeks.

Store Set Up

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  • Merchandise stores properly. In stock, best-selling items should be the first thing a customer sees when visiting your store. Make sure any sold out items are hidden.
  • Make time for a promo code audit. During a time when so many different promotions are happening its a good idea to make sure people are only using codes you want them to and that all active codes are working properly to avoid lost sales and an unnecessary surge in customer service complaints.


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  • Call out shipping offers & cut off dates clearly and prominently. Shipping guarantees and timeframes are likely quite different this year than most so letting customers know what to expect up front by clearly communicating important shipping info in your storefront and promotional assets is key.
  • Encourage your fans to order early to avoid last minute anxiety. Many businesses are getting a jump start and offering Black Friday deals early this year to urge customers to get ahead of the inevitable supply chain and shipping delays.
  • Don’t forget about post-holiday and New Years sales. Just because the holidays are over, does not mean the shopping needs to be. A final clearance sale during that last week of December is a great opportunity to clear out the old and get ready for a big 2022.

Marketing Assets

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  • Perform a paid marketing setup audit. Make sure your domains are verified via Facebook to allow for the best possible ad performance, and that any and all pixels are in place and firing properly.
  • Capture as much data as possible during high traffic season. Make sure email and SMS captures are active in your store and test new sign up offers to increase capture and session conversion rates.

Key Shopping Dates

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  • Black Friday (Nov 26) – Traditionally, this day marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season. This is no longer the case as many retailers and brands begin launching holiday offerings much earlier, but it is still usually the day (or week) that the best deals of the year are reserved for.
  • Cyber Monday (Nov 29) – The purely online version of Black Friday also marks the first day of Cyber Week, which ends December 6.
  • Manic Monday (Dec 6) – The name says it all. Manic Monday is when there’s a rush to order gifts for Christmas. With this year’s supply chain crisis factored in, this also may very well be one of the last days orders can be guaranteed to arrive before the 25th so it is a great opportunity to call out your shipping cut-off dates.
  • Boxing Day/Post-Christmas Clearance (Dec 26) – Boxing Day is a UK national holiday primarily known for shopping and family time. It’s also celebrated in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. If you’re primarily marketing to U.S. customers, a post-Christmas clearance sale will help you push through leftover seasonal merchandise to customers flush with gift cards.
  • New Year’s Eve (Dec 31) – It has become a common practice for retailers to use the final week of the year to make room for next year’s new merchandise by offering steep discounts and clearance sales on their existing inventory – customers will be on the lookout for these deals. “Final Day Countdown to Midnight” sales can also be a fun way to promote these offers.

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About the Author: Kaylah Rodriguez is a Social Media Marketing Specialist at Musictoday. She manages both paid & organic social campaigns as well as sweepstakes, giveaways & more.

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