Employee Spotlight: Jason Coyner

Meet Jason Coyner!

Jason is a long-time member of the Musictoday crew, having worked at the company in a series of progressively responsible roles for the last 17 years. He manages transportation for Musictoday and is responsible for shipping analysis and contract negotiation. He also heads up internal and client-facing reporting, making sure we understand all aspects of business performance and potential for special promotional programs.

How long have you worked at Musictoday?
I started working at Musictoday in August of 2003 – time flies!

What is your current role and how would you describe the evolution of your roles at the company?
I am Director of Business Intelligence and Transportation. That gets me into a lot of data every day. After college, I took a cross-country trip and when I came back, wanted to find a job related to music. I found Musictoday was hiring in the Call Center and was hired in August 2003. I applied to Ticketing Client Services that December and spent four years as an Account Manager. Those years were fun, working with band management and venues across the country to put up pre-sale tickets. I was fortunate to go to many shows during that time, including backstage or front row experiences to see some great artists. I moved from that role to Business Analyst with the merchandise division around 2008. I had a couple of great mentors in Jim Kingdon and John Spagnolo that helped me sharpen my Excel, SQL, and data chops. From there, I became a Director in 2012 under Live Nation’s ownership and have fluctuated between Business Intelligence or Transportation (or both) ever since.

How has working from home affected your workday?
Working from home since March has been a great experience. Don’t get me wrong, with two young kids at home it has daily challenges. But I am more productive and working longer hours while maintaining a better work/life balance. My desk is near a window and a sliding glass door so it’s nice to be able to easily walk outside and feel a part of the day.

Do you have any pro tips for working remotely?
Get a comfortable chair. I spent the first two months on a cheap drum throne and when I finally got a decent office chair it felt amazing.

How do you spend your free time these days?
It’s all a blur! I spend a lot of time with my girls – distantly followed by exercising, playing guitar, video games, and trying to learn new things.

What is your favorite type music to listen to?
I have a deep love for a bunch of rock and metal artists/bands. Lots of jazz, funk, rap, and pop favorites in there as well, but rock takes the top spot.

First concert?
Metallica at Roanoke Civic Center – March 11, 1992. The Black Album came out 7 months prior and was on fire (though I preferred ‘Justice’ at the time). I turned 15 two days earlier and took the road trip with friends and my older brother. We had way too much fun.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Musictoday?
The top spot has to be going to a cookout at Cole’s house – Cole hired me. He and his wife wanted to introduce me to someone they thought I would hit it off with. She got lost on the way and her phone died so I never met her. In the meantime, I talked with someone else at the party who wanted to introduce me to one of her friends. A couple weeks later, I went on a blind date with that friend and fast forward a year and a half later and we were married. Thanks Musictoday!

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About the Author: Kaylah Rodriguez is a Social Media Marketing Specialist at Musictoday. She manages both paid & organic social campaigns as well as sweepstakes, giveaways & more.

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