E-Commerce in the Time of COVID-19


As COVID-19 has interrupted normal music industry cycles in many ways since early in the year, our team at Musictoday has helped many of our clients roll with the punches and get creative with some non-standard promotions. We wanted to share some of the top-performing campaigns our artists have run in recent months.

Live Stream + Merch Capsule

Many of our artists have streamed free live content during quarantine and have created special limited edition merch capsules for these events – often donating net proceeds of the merch to various relevant charities.


The Phish Dry Goods store has been releasing special merch capsules in tandem with the band’s ongoing weekly Dinner And A Movie series, with the net proceeds of the merch benefitting a different charity each week.



Another great example was the Global Citizen “Together At Home” Benefit – a one day concert that streamed live online and on television to drive fundraising and community connection. The Global Citizen Official Store sold a special limited edition merch capsule alongside the event with all net proceeds benefitting the World Health Organization.

Face Mask Campaigns

Face masks have been another wildly successful and very new product addition to many of our aritsts’ stores, often times selling out of first batches in less than 24 hours. Many stores have donated the proceeds of their mask sales to charity as well.


The Thursday Official Store acted quickly right as stay-at-home orders were first being issued, and re-purposed old tour merch to make branded protective masks . The product was wildly successful as the initial run of 1,200 sold out in 10 minutes. They donated the proceeds from the mask sales towards efforts to produce additional PPE for hospitals in New York and New Jersey.



The Dave Matthews Band Official Store was another one of the first Musictoday clients to react to the new nationwide demand for masks and create a DMB branded product with net profits being  donated to the World Central Kitchen. The store sold over 10,000 masks in less than 24 hours.



The Bruce Lee Official Store attracted fans with a robust selection of designs for their protective face coverings. This store also donated a portion of its proceeds to two different relevant charities – Get Us PPE and No Kid Hungry.

Stay-At-Home Collections

We have also seen a lot of success featuring top selling Media & Entertainment items (dvds, vinyl, and books) which are great products to feature at this time as everyone is spending much more time at home.


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