Employee Spotlight: Sam & Danielle Williams

Meet Sam & Danielle Williams!

We are still feeling the love from Valentine’s Day so we decided to make February’s Employee Spotlight a 2-for-1 and introduce you to both Sam and Danielle Williams. Sam and Danielle are long-time members of our rockstar warehouse team here at Musictoday. They have been married for sixteen years and enjoy life together and their large family of six children and four grandchildren.

What are your roles here at Musictoday?

Danielle: “I’m the receiving team lead so it’s part of my job to be a positive role model, keep the team focused, resolve issues, make sure that all the shipments scheduled to be received for the day are processed. I also ID the new merchandise that comes in and make sure that all the UPCs match, PFIDs and counts are correct.”

Sam: “I run the dock and oversee the shipping lanes to make sure everything is shipped and sorted correctly.”

Danielle: “It’s pretty interesting because I oversee the beginning of the process and he oversees the end, so in more ways than one we complete each other’s day.”

How long have you worked here?

Sam: “Probably 9 or 10 years but I actually left for a little bit in the middle and was at Starr Hill for a year before coming back.”

Danielle: “This is my fifth season, so just about five years for me.”

What is your favorite part of working for Musictoday?

Danielle: “Of course my favorite thing is the fact that we get to work together. We have the same hours and the same schedule so we get to take breaks together, lunch together…he’s my best friend and we get to spend the day together. There aren’t many couples that can do that.”

Sam: “We also enjoy working with what we consider an extended family. When we endured a devastating loss, these folks took time out of their lives and families to lift us up. We could never begin to repay that.”

How did you two meet?

Danielle: “He was actually my trainer at Target distribution center. It was funny because he was training me on a piece of equipment and I almost took his arm off! But he went back to his group and said ‘I’m going to marry her someday’ and here we are twenty years later.”

Do you share music interests?

Danielle: “We do. We listen to a little bit of everything but the main thing we listen to is country.”

Sam: “I like just about all of it – Blake Shelton, Chris Stapleton…”

Danielle: “A few years ago we were able to purchase our dream car, it was a candy apple red Mustang, and the first CD we bought to play in that car was a Chris Stapleton CD.”

What is your favorite concert you’ve attended together?

Sam: “Well we’ve only been to one together so that’s easy – Justin Moore.”

Where is your favorite spot to grab lunch in Crozet?

Sam: “Sal’s Pizza.”

Danielle: “Sam is actually really good friends with the owner’s brother, so they are kind of like our extended family.”

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About the Author: Kaylah Rodriguez is a Social Media Marketing Specialist at Musictoday. She manages both paid & organic social campaigns as well as sweepstakes, giveaways & more.

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