Employee Spotlight: Tanya Frank

Meet Tanya Frank!

Tanya Frank is one of the newest members of the Musictoday Engineering Team. She is a recent graduate from The University of Virginia, and serves as a Junior Software Engineer. She spends most of her day coding – one of the most important aspects of what makes Musictoday’s world go round.

What is a typical day like for you?
“80% of it is coding, the other 20% consists of meetings, and phone calls. The Engineering Team is currently working on several updates for the Musictoday platform, so that has taken up a lot of my time recently.”

What is your favorite part about working here so far?
“The people. I have had the opportunity to have some really great mentors who have shown me the ropes, and taught me a lot. The whole team is very encouraging. One of my favorite things is flaunting to my friends about all the cool things I get to work on here.”

What is your favorite type of music?
“I listen to a lot of different things. I love The Beatles, Indy, and Bollywood. When I am working, I like to have classical music playing. Oh, and I’m going through a Radiohead phase right now.”

What was your first concert?
“DJ Edward Maya. My school put on free concerts, and I decided to go to that one.”

How do you spend your free time?
“Since I moved to the United States in 2017, I have been to 20 states. I really love traveling, and have gotten into the craft beer scene recently. I have also discovered my love for wine, so visiting vineyards has been fun too. Discovering new music and podcasts is another hobby of mine.”

Do you have any tips for surviving the holiday season?
“Spend time with family. I am actually going back to India for the Holiday, so that is really important. Remember to stay warm, have a good time, breathe, and relax!”

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About the Author: Maddison Fauth is a Marketing Coordinator at Musictoday. She assists with projects throughout the marketing department, but concentrates on email marketing, corporate content, and affiliate marketing.

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