Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Thornton

Meet Stephanie Thornton!

Stephanie works in the Order Administration department here at Musictoday.

“I started working here as a temp and was hired full time after about three months. I was in customer service when I first came and was promoted at the beginning of this year.”


What is a typical day at work like for you?
“My official title is Order Admin Specialist. It can be hectic sometimes, but we get the job done. I work a lot with spreadsheets and various systems. My team works to manage the cycle of orders from start to finish. When there are more orders, there is more of a potential for problems, so my team works together to triage orders. I love what I do because you run into something new everyday.”


What is your favorite thing about working at Musictoday?
“I love the people here! Everyone is really nice and laid-back. When I first started here I lived almost two hours away, so I had a long commute. Now I live closer, but back then I really didn’t mind driving that far to come to work everyday because I loved the people and atmosphere here. There is also opportunity for movement here”

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
“I like R&B and Neo soul”

What was your first concert?
“My first concert was The Rock the Mic Tour. I was 18 and it was in Virginia Beach.”

Are there any clients that you are excited about?
“ABC – I love the show “How to Get Away With Murder” so I was really excited when I saw that we were going to be doing work for them.”

How do you spend your free time?
“When I’m not here, I’m catching up on my sleep. I have a daughter, so she takes up most of my free time. She just finished up her very first cheerleading season!”

What is you favorite Crozet lunch spot?
Morsel Compass

Do you have any tips for the holiday season?
“Drink lots of coffee!”

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About the Author: Kelsey McKechnie is a Marketing Assistant at Musictoday. She assists with projects across corporate content development, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing and wherever else help is needed!

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