Monthly Media Mashup #12

Facebook Removed 5,000 Ad Targeting Categories

The targeting options were removed to protect Facebook users from discriminatory advertising on the company’s platforms. Although advertisers typically used many of the now removed targeting options in legitimate ways, Facebook felt that minimizing the risk of abuse was more important. Advertisers are now no longer able to exclude audiences that relate to attributes such as ethnicity or religion. There may be more refinements made to Facebook’s targeting in the coming months.

Facebook and Instagram Help Users Manager Time Spent on Apps

Users of the Facebook and Instagram apps can now set reminders to tell them they’ve spent too much time browsing. The apps now allow users to set daily limits and the ability to temporarily mute push notifications. The new features are called “Your Time” on Facebook and “Your Activity” on Instagram. Social media platforms have been criticized for the amount of time users spend on the apps throughout the day and how addictive they are. And, although these limitations may impact metrics elsewhere, both Facebook and Instagram want to show that they care about the mental well-being of their users.

China’s eCommerce Market to Reach $1.8T in 2022

Tech titans like Alibaba and will help the Chinese eCommerce market hit $1.8T in 2022, according to a report by Forrester. This year the eCommerce market in China will reach $1.1T, making it the world’s first trillion-dollar eCommerce market. China is the largest eCommerce market in the world and accounts for 83% of all online retail sales in the Asia Pacific region. 76% of all eCommerce in China occurs on mobile devices and mobile payments are the most popular choice to complete those purchases.

Discord to Start Selling Games

The all-in-one voice and text chat platform for gamers is experimenting with supplying games directly to its users. A store beta rolled out to 50,000 users (randomly selected from the platform’s Nitro subscribers) in Canada with games curated by Discord’s employees. The plan is also to allow games to be launched directly from Discord itself.

Discord Store Directory

Snapchat Lets Users Send Musical GIFs

TuneMoji is now integrated with Snapchat. Users of the TuneMoji app can now send clips to their Snap story, or within a chat. The TuneMoji GIFs add music (or spoken audio) that is looped with the GIF. TuneMoji works like Giphy with a searchable database of GIFs users can search for with words or phrases. Once users have selected the musical GIF they want, they can simply share it with Snapchat as the latest option.


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