Monthly Media Mashup #8

Instagram Allows More Stories Uploads, Introduces Nametags and Focus Camera Format

Instagram has made it faster and easier for users to upload photos and videos to Stories. Users can now upload multiple photos and videos to Stories all at once. A new icon on the top right of of the screen enables users to select up to ten photos or videos from their media gallery. There’s also a preview at the bottom of the screen and users can edit each one individually prior to upload. This change will help further boost the usage of Stories for users and brands.

Multiple Instagram Story Upload

Source: Instagram

Similar to Snapchat’s QR codes, Instagram’s new “Nametags” feature will make it easier to follow new people on Instagram. Instagram will generate an image unique to each user, which other users can scan to automatically follow that person. Although QR codes have proven unsuccessful in the past, this may be a new opportunity for marketers to explore on a platform with more than 800 million users.

The new “Focus” camera format can be found next to the “Superzoom” located under the record button. When taking a picture, the subject remains in focus and the background softly blurs. Instagram continues to refine its camera options making it easier to edit and refine photography on the go.

Instagram Camera Focus

Source: Instagram

Facebook Tests Premieres, Adds Boomerang and 3-D Augmented Reality Drawing Tool

Facebook is testing a new feature called “Premieres” allowing creators to publish ready-made videos to Facebook Live. Although information is still emerging, it is believed it will focus on movie trailers, Facebook Watch shows and music videos. Premieres will allow for film trailer or new track drops on Facebook, letting audiences experience and interact with the video in real time.

Another Instagram feature made its way to Facebook in April, Boomerang, which as you know is a 3-second looping video without sound. Facebook also introduced an augmented reality drawing tool to Stories, something completely unique that doesn’t exist on Instagram or Snapchat. Users can create 3-D drawings that hold their place in a room, regardless of where the device camera moves.

Snapchat Tests E-Commerce For Discover Publishers

Snapchat is currently testing e-commerce options that will allow users to swipe on a product and buy it from the Snap Store within Snapchat’s Discover platform. At the moment, Snapchat is not taking revenue share from products sold via tests but this may change should the feature go live.

Amazon Prime Tops 100 Million Subscribers

Prime topped 100 million subscribers for the first time in its history. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos celebrated Prime’s expansion to Mexico, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. In addition, the “Prime Now” service is now available in more than 50 cities across nine countries. Amazon’s continued growth further stresses the importance of an Amazon presence for brands and media properties.

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