Monthly Media Mashup #7

NME Ends Print Magazine Production

British music journalism magazine New Musical Express (NME) and its parent company, Time Inc, announced it will cease print production with March 9 being its last edition. The weekly publication made its debut in 1952 and launched its online version in 1996. The publication will now focus on expanding its digital audience. The final edition’s cover features British rap newcomer, Stefflon Don.

NMEs final edition

Google Images Update, Musicians Posting Direct to SERP, and Retargeting with YouTube Ads

The search giant recently removed the “view image” and “search by image” buttons from Google Images and as of earlier this month, Google Image results will now include captions for each image thumbnail. Captions pulled from the page title will be displayed below the image and above the page URL.  Alt text has always been important of course but now there’s an opportunity to optimize title tags if Google Image Search rankings are important to you.

Google now allows musicians to post directly to search results via Google Posts. For now a select amount of musicians can instantly publish short updates to the front page of search results. The feature went live on March 8 for those whose search results include a Knowledge Panel, to sign up and get verified visit the Google Posts website.

Google AdWords advertisers can now reach YouTube viewers who have previously searched for related products and services. If a person searches for “best DSLR cameras” they may be shown ads from brands that manufacture them next time they are on YouTube. Google calls these ‘custom intent audiences‘. To be eligible advertisers simply need to create a keyword list for their video campaign.

Google image search results with captions

Google Image Search results with captions

Snapchat Adds Friend Tagging and Group Video Chats

It’s Snapchat’s turn to copy another app! Over the next few weeks the company will be rolling out a new feature which allows you to tag friends in your stories, much like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by typing ‘@’ and then the username. The app also added group video chat, which allows you to hang out with up to 16 friends at the same time (or 32 on voice-only mode) – madness!

Instagram Now Supports Hashtags and Profile Links in Bios

Instagram introduced hashtag and profile links in bio just a few weeks ago. This update allows  users to add a hashtag (#) or a mention (@) in their profile’s bio. This feature is a nice convenience addition for users to highlight their interests and express themselves in their profile.

Instagram adds hashtags and profile links to bios

Alright, Let’s Talk About Facebook…

Facebook is not having much fun at the moment. Information continues to be released regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal and its role in election interference in various countries. For the general public this means improved privacy and consent features, for marketers we’ll see reduced advertising reach and more.

Here are the Facebook changes we’ve seen reported so far…

  • Facebook will no longer allow third-party data for targeting ads (Partner Categories). This allowed third-party data aggregators like Experian (yes, the consumer credit reporting agency) to provide clients with offline data like purchase activity to inform ad targeting.
  • Third-party app approvals are also on hold and there will be new limitations regarding the volume and type of data these apps are given through APIs like Facebook Login.
  • The company will now force advertisers to prove they have user consent for ad targeting via a new Custom Audiences Certification tool. This tool will verify that marketers only show ads to audience email addresses that were rightfully obtained with proper user consent.
  • The privacy settings page is now more accessible for users via improved menu shortcuts. Privacy settings have always been available in some form but not intuitive when it comes to locating them.
  • Facebook is launching a page called “Access Your Information” which allows users to evaluate the information they’ve shared on Facebook, manage and delete it.


Musictoday will be keeping a close eye on any Facebook developments and the potential impact any changes may have on our marketing offerings. We do expect other digital advertising providers to be impacted by this as people become more aware of how their information was used for political gain.

In more positive news, Facebook is partnering with Major League Baseball to produce and broadcast one game each week to global audiences on Facebook Watch. 25 games will be broadcast exclusive to Facebook and available across  supported devices, like smartphones and connected televisions. These will be the sports league’s first digital-only national broadcasts and every game will be available globally on the show Facebook page. There will also be in-game production elements specifically designed for watching, sharing and engaging on the social network. The weekday afternoon games can be watched via the MLB’s Live show Facebook page.

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