Monthly Media Mashup #6

Facebook’s Facial Recognition Notification, List Feature, and European Music Licensing Deal

Facebook users received in-feed notifications about the platform’s facial recognition features in February. According to the social network, face recognition will find photos users are in but not tagged in, help protect users against strangers using their photo, and tell people with visual impairments who is in a photo or video. Users will be able to turn off face recognition at any time.

‘Lists’ is a new way for Facebook users to post personal updates. Users can create lists of anything, from shopping lists to favorite travel destinations, they can also be decorated with colored backgrounds and emojis. This is an interesting development and may become an additional way for the social media giant to gather data from users for advertising purposes.

There’s more music news for Facebook as it recently signed a licensing deal with European rights company Copyright Enterprise Operations (ICE). The deal covers almost 300,000 rights holders across 160 territories. The online rights hub has a catalog of around 31 million works and the deal covers licensing and royalties whenever music from the catalog is used on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and Messenger. These deals will continue to prove useful as Facebook ventures further into the production of video content and virtual reality.


Instagram Adds Scheduling, Shopping-enabled Ads, and Type Mode For Text-based Stories

Marketers rejoice! Instagram posts can now be scheduled in advance with tools that utilize the Instagram Graph API, like social scheduling software Hootsuite.

Stories can now be published without a photo or video with Instagram’s new Type Mode’. Accessible from the camera screen, Type Mode allows users to create messages using typefaces and backgrounds. Users can simply select the Type Mode option and write a message designed to their liking.

Instagram is also testing Facebook’s ‘Collection Ads’. These shoppable ads originally launched on the Facebook platform last year and are now being tested on Instagram. This transactional ad format blends videos and product catalogs so consumers can buy products without leaving the social app. Fashion and beauty brands Birchbox and Revolve are the first to test ‘Collection Ads’ on Instagram.

Shoppable Instagram Ads

Source: Instagram


Overwatch eSports League Adds First Female Player

Just in time for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch League has signed its first female player. 19-year-old Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon hails from South Korea and is well-known for her performance with the game’s character Zarya. Hopefully this opens doors for more professional female gamers.

This entertainment category is really taking off internationally and the Overwatch game itself has a range of licensed merchandise for its over 35 million players.

Twitter Bookmarking and Ban on Bulk Tweets

Bookmarking finally rolled out to all users in February. This new features gives users a way to save tweets they like and may want to revisit. Previously you had to like a tweet, but now users don’t have to like a tweet to save it for later. Bookmarking is private to the user and the details are not shown on their Twitter profile, unlike ‘likes’.

Twitter also announced limits to how users and apps can automate tweets due to the recent surge in spam and propaganda on the social network. Developers are banned from using tools that make identical or similar posts simultaneously from multiple accounts at once, or amplification actions like retweeting, liking, and following from multiple accounts happening at once.

Chrome Ad Blocking

Google launched it’s built-in ad blocker for its Chrome browser last month. Its purpose is to block annoying ads that violate standards from the Coalition for Better Ads. Full page ads, ads with automatic sound and video, and flashing ads will be targeted by the new ad blocker. The hope is to discourage advertisers from using these ad formats and also to stop site owners allowing them on their website in the first placel. Musictoday leverages Google’s recommended ad formats on the AdWords network and will continue to adapt as industry standards to protect online audiences evolve.

Snap Users Complain and Did Kylie Jenner Really Make Snap Stock Plummet?

1.2 million people signed a petition last month to let Snap know they hate the app redesign. The company officially responded to the petition and advised users that they should adapt to the new design over time. This isn’t anything new for social apps though, we have witnessed lots of complaints about changes to Facebook’s interface yet the platform continues to grow. Snap in particularly had to change for monetization purposes.

Unfortunately for Snap on Wednesday, February 21, reality star Kylie Jenner announced to the world that she no longer opens Snapchat. The already difficult week for Snap now had a cherry on top from an online influencer in the company’s target demographic. Citi also downgraded Snap’s stock on Tuesday due to the poor response to its redesign. So she could be considered partly responsible due to her ability to amplify a message to her 24.9 million Twitter followers.


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