Employee Spotlight: Glenn & Dana Bangley

Anyone who has been in the north warehouse here at Musictoday has surely seen the large, brightly colored mural that spans the length of one of the walls. The impressive painting features an assortment of musicians and entertainers including Musictoday clients such as Dave Matthews and Elvis. It was designed and painted by Musictoday’s own Glenn and Dana Bangley in 2014/15.

Glenn and Dana have been together for 22 years, and got married last year. They were hired at Musictoday at the same time and have worked in a variety of positions. Today Dana works in the Care Center as a Customer Service Representative and Glenn works in Receiving as a Replenishment Specialist. I spoke to Glenn and Dana about their experience working here for a special couples edition of the employee spotlight series!

Kelsey: What is your favorite thing about working at Musictoday?
Dana: “We love that we get to work with each other. We take our breaks and lunch together.”
Glenn: “I wouldn’t want to eat lunch with anyone else”
Dana: “We also love music. It’s exciting to be at a company that is so deeply involved in the music scene.”

Kelsey: What kind of music do you all like to listen to?
Glenn: “My absolute favorite is Beethoven. I love classical music.
Dana: “We have very eclectic taste. We’re both huge Sting fans. That was one of the things that brought us together. ”
Glenn: “In the warehouse we listen to WNRN which has introduced us to some newer stuff like LCD Soundsystem and Lo Moon.”

Kelsey: How do you spend your free time?
Dana: “Gardening and fixing up our house. Glenn plays the keyboard”

Kelsey: What are some of the different roles that you’ve had while working here?
Dana: “We were both hired in the warehouse in outbound shipping. Then we were team leaders on the night shift for a while. Glenn learned to run the cold fusion machine”
Glenn: “Yeah, you could throw me in anywhere over in the warehouse and I could deal with it.”

Kelsey: What were your first concerts? (together and separately!)
Glenn: My very first concert was Jethro Tull on tour for Aqualung.
Dana: Mine was The Hooters.
Dana: Our first concert together was Yes, with an Orchestra.

“You can tell that there is an interest in the people that work here. They’re more than just a punch on the time clock.”

Kelsey: What do you think makes Musictoday special?
Glenn: “It’s like a family here. I went through a traumatic surgery – My appendix burst”
Dana: “That really was one of the scariest times we’ve experienced.”
Glenn: “The support and prayers that we got from the people that work here was really something. It was an incredibly humbling experience and I think it has to do with the culture here.”
Dana: “We’re both pleased with our managers/supervisors. They’re really awesome.”
Glenn: “You can tell that there is an interest in the people that work here. They’re more than just a punch on the time clock.”

Thank you for you time Glenn and Dana! Stay tuned for more employee spotlight articles.

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About the Author: Kelsey McKechnie is a Marketing Assistant at Musictoday. She assists with projects across corporate content development, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing and wherever else help is needed!

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