Monthly Media Mashup #3

Facebook Expands Messaging and Introduces Creator Tool

The social media network is testing ways for brands to send mass messages via its Messenger app. Messenger Broadcast will be a self-serve mass-messaging interface allowing businesses to send marketing messages to users. No news yet on when this will be released or how much it will cost but Facebook advised Tech Crunch it has no plans to change the policy of requiring people to message a brand first before the brand can message the user.

Facebook’s new Messenger plugin can be installed by businesses to carry chats over to their own website from Messenger. This cross-platform customer service solution allows customers to continue conversations with brands and is currently being tested by companies like Argos, KLM and Air France. This is a great development for socially engaged brands and will help them further improve customer relationships.

Creators are important to Facebook, so the company announced that it has created a new set of tools for its creator community. The Facebook Creator App allows for videos to be created easily, lets creators go live with a more personalized feel, and connect with their Facebook community more easily with their very own ‘Community’ tab. The Community tab centralizes comments from Facebook and Instagram, and messages from Messenger. Creators will also have access to fun camera effects and frames and easily cross-post content to other platforms, plus they’ll be able to access Facebook Stories from the app. There will also be a dedicated Facebook Creators website, a central destination with resources and tips on content generation.

Snapchat Relaunches App

The new and improved Snapchat launched last week. The company claims the improved app has been “organized around your relationships and personalized just for you!”. The app puts friends first and separates their content from professional publishers. Chats and Stories from ‘Friends’ are now on left of the app, and Stories from publishers, creators, and the community are on the right under ‘Discover’.

Snapchat believes tighter content curation can help solve the fake news problem, so its human editorial and moderation team will review every piece of content in the Discover section to ensure it’s high-quality, brand-safe, and not misinformation

This app overhaul makes for a much simpler and less overwhelming experience and may help Snapchat gain popularity with older audiences, making it much more attractive for advertisers.

Instagram Expands Branded Content Tool and Possible ‘Regram’ Button Incoming

The company announced that it has expanded access to its new Branded Content Tool to Instagram creators with high levels of platform engagement. Creators will be able to easily disclose partnerships with businesses and it will also notify those who fail to follow Instagram’s policies.

Users can now remix their friend’s photos on the platform and send them back for fun conversations. Users will be able to add stickers, text and drawings (like Stories), to the photo and send back and forth with friends for visual conversation.

The Next Web reported that Instagram is secretly testing a native ‘Regram’ button which will save users from using a third-party app. The ability for users to archive Stories was also mentioned in the report, users will be able to save Stories for future reference. Group content sharing and sharing to WhatsApp also seem to be on the horizon for Instagram. No information from Instagram yet on if or when these features in testing will make their public debut.

Remix Instagram Photos from Friends

Source: Instagram blog – Remix Photos From Friends in Direct

Twitter’s Character Limit Update

The company believes the 280 character limit launch has made it much easier for people to Tweet while preserving brevity. Although there was some uproar about the extra characters, Twitter reported that only 1% of Tweets have met the new limit since its introduction.

YouTubers Leverage Sponsor Program to Fight Demonetization

Originally intended for its gaming community, YouTube is rolling out their sponsor program to more creators. As mentioned in last month’s October Mashup, YouTube’s advertising algorithm has become strict over the last year resulting in incorrectly flagged content, meaning well intentioned creators miss out on advertising revenue. Many creators have already turned to third-party membership services such as Patreon to raise funds, so it seems this is YouTube’s solution to preserve the creator community. Long-time YouTubers Simon & Martina explained the program to fans.

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