Last Minute Revenue Generating Tips

Holy crap! It’s Thanksgiving week and you have not thought about the holiday retail season at all. Not to worry, Musictoday has you covered. Below is a collection of quick revenue generating tips to help you maximize revenue over the next six weeks.

1)  Make the most of your store’s email file. This is the time of year that your email efforts will be most productive and well-received by fans. They want to know about new products and specials! Musictoday has email creative and templates prepared so we can move quickly to get messages out when you give your account manager the green light.

2)  In addition to the customer file for your store, consider leveraging fan email lists to support new product offerings and promotions. As mentioned above, fans want to hear about your latest offerings during this busy time of year.

3)  Leverage social media to support product and promotional launches. These posts keep your most loyal fans engaged and informed of the cool merchandise in your store when they are most likely to purchase for friends (or themselves). Musictoday’s social team is here to help you with asset creation and post copy.

4)  Review links to the store from your content sites. In many cases, a simple link in the header can drive significant sales to the store. The Musictoday team is happy to help with link placement suggestions, auditing, and banner creation.

5)  Provide Musictoday with advertiser access to your Facebook page. Organic reach of posts continues to drop as Facebook modifies its algorithms. To ensure that your merchandise is seen by fans we’re happy to run paid social campaigns on your behalf. Talk to your account manager about what is required to get going here!

6)  Clear out older merchandise. This high converting time of year is a great opportunity to move older merchandise at reduced prices to make room for next year’s new merchandise. Events like limited-time markdowns, clearance, and flash sales are a great way to do that.

7)  If you have new video content hitting this time of year be sure to include links to the store in online video (e.g. YouTube) descriptions and leverage merchandise cards (Musictoday is an approved YouTube merchandise card retailer).

8)  Affiliate programs contribute significant revenue during the holiday period. For those of you with affiliate programs, we’ll add your promotions to the network so be sure to let us know of any additional opportunities. Leading up to this period we’ve been sharing your latest promotions, communicating shipping deadlines and encouraging content publishers to create gift guides featuring your products.

9)  Retargeting using Google’s Display Network is a great way to convert window-shoppers into buyers. We bring visitors and cart abandoners back to your store with display advertisements. We recommend dynamic remarketing at this stage in the season, not only are the ads easier to launch (we only need your store’s logo and a feed), the ads are personalized by showing visitors products they previously viewed. Reach out to your account manager to get started.

10)  Store gift guides are typically launched during the first two weeks of November. If your store has one, we’ll promote it across our marketing channels. Be sure to include links to the gift guide in fan emails and store promotional emails during the holiday period. Don’t forget, gift guides are evergreen! At the end of the season, take out the holiday treatment for other gifting opportunities.

11)  Take advantage of after holiday messaging opportunities to continue to clear out older merchandise via post-holiday sales and/or New Year’s Flash Sale events.

About the Author: Joey Porterfield is the Marketing Director at Musictoday. He heads up the company’s team of marketers and keeps campaigns and strategy on track.

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