Live Video in the Digital Marketing Landscape

Facebook Live Behind the Scenes: Esperanza Spalding’s ‘Exposure’

At 9am on September 12, Esperanza Spalding leveraged the power of live video in an unprecedented creative project – in just 77 hours, she and a team of musicians wrote, recorded, and produced an entire 10 song album from scratch with every moment of the process being broadcast on Facebook Live. The album is called EXPOSURE and was produced in a limited quantity of 7,777 albums, all of which sold out before the live stream was concluded.

EXPOSURE is a stunning example of using the power of Facebook Live to engage and connect with fans in a brand new and really effective way. The results of this endeavor were truly remarkable:.

  • 400,000 engagements (comments, likes, shares) in just 3 days
  • 1.4 million total views of the live video
  • 7,777 albums SOLD OUT at hour 53 of the 77-hour project

Facebook Live Video - Esperanza Spalding

Using Live Video for Audience Engagement

Last year, Facebook launched a brand new tool that allowed users to broadcast videos 100% live directly to their page using only their smartphone or mobile device. This tool that most of us are probably now familiar with is Facebook Live. Although, Facebook was not the only platform to jump on the live-streaming wagon – YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and others all opened up similar live video capabilities around the same time.

In an increasingly tech-centric culture, it is important for digital marketers to have their finger on the pulse of the digital spaces their audiences are occupying and the tools they are using to connect with each other. As Facebook Live and other live streaming platforms are rapidly gaining a more dominant position in the social media environment, they are bringing new benefits and opportunities for brands, businesses and digital marketers with them.

An obvious benefit of a tool like this is ENGAGEMENT. Live video streaming, particularly through platforms like Facebook that allow users to view comments and see watchers join in real time, allows for a whole new level of connection with fans. Whether you’re answering questions (AMA’s, or Ask Me Anything, are becoming a favorite use of live streaming among many users), sharing an important announcement, or introducing a new product, the ability to engage with your audience personally and authentically is beyond valuable. It opens up a truly groundbreaking way for brands, businesses and public figures to connect with their followers. Additionally, the newsfeed algorithms of many social networks such as Facebook tend to favor these live broadcasts, giving them a more prominent placement in your audience’s digital surroundings.

Another compelling and powerful opportunity that live video offers is the ability to bring your followers to places they usually cannot go. This is HUGE. By taking advantage of live streaming technology, brands can include a global fanbase in an otherwise exclusive event, a successful company can give their consumers a peek into how their product gets made in real time, and artists and musicians can bring their fans along into the intimate process of creating–places that, until now, have been reserved only for the lucky insiders.

If you’d like to learn more about tapping into the power of Facebook Live as part of your marketing strategy, send us a note and let’s chat!

About the Author: Kaylah Rodriguez is a Social Media Marketing Specialist at Musictoday. She manages both organic and paid social & sweepstakes campaigns.

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